steel fixing



 Our qualified team of steel fixers can provide a comprehensive range of services, including steel shuttering,  installing reinforced bar (rebar) and concrete above or below ground, in situ or using pre-fabricated structures – all to your precise specification. Our steel fixers are available either on a competitive hourly rate or a fixed price basis.

Concrete Structures


As experienced concrete contractors, we offer a full range of concreting and reinforced concreting services. We provide reinforced concrete for construction and civil engineering projects, specialist in concrete frame construction. We pride ourselves in being able to provide a professional, efficient service designed to fit your needs from concrete forms and pre-cast concrete, to slabs or stamped concrete

Formwork / Falsework


We provide all aspects of formwork, including traditional timber formwork built in situ, engineered and also pre-fabricated formwork. Our flexible, professional approach enables us to fit seamlessly into your project.  Whether you simply require labour and temporary materials, or labour, materials, plant and vehicles ­– we can quickly and easily tailor our service to meet your exact requirements.


We specialise in reinforced concrete stairs and can provide formwork carpentry and shuttering services for both private and commercial clients. Concrete staircases, are incredibly cost effective in addition to providing an excellent level of noise reduction. We welcome price work and contract work, and will undertake any sized job.

R.C. Frames


We can create a solid foundation for your project through a variety of reinforced concrete solutions. We strive to forge strong, long-term relationships with our clients, and have established an excellent reputation with the construction and civil engineering industry. Our comprehensive, forward thinking and professional construction services ensure that all our clients meet their own objectives within both timescale and budget.

Health and Safety

The workers under Levismar Formwork & Groundworks Ltd control, unfortunately, are those most at risk of injury and ill health on a construction site.

So is Levismar Formwork & Groundworks Ltd priority to plan, manage and monitor the work to ensure risks are properly controlled.

Because our first-hand experience in doing the actual work, we are in a good position to influence our worker’s health and safety and that of others.

Levismar Formwork & Groundworks Ltd is able to demonstrate that has the skills, knowledge, experience and the organizational capability to carry out the work safely and without risk to health.


Levismar Formwork & Groundworks Ltd is a CHAS registered company.